Drum Cap-Seal

Drum Capseal : Metal, Plastic & Plastic cap with Aluminum Ring

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Manufacturer and worldwide exporter of Drum cap seal and crimping tools.

Complete range of plastic, metal and plastic cap with aluminum ring capseal for metal and plastic (HDPE) drums. Mauser, Schutz & Kodama type capseals also available.


Worldwide door delivery and there is No Minimum Order Quantity.


Feel free to contact us by email / fax / phone to get more details and a quote.

Some of our valued customers are :

-- Indian Oil Corporation Limited

-- Pertamina Indonesia


-- British Petroleum

-- Colgate Palmolive (I) Limited

-- METAL CAP SEAL : 70mm (2" plug), 35mm (3/4" plug), 76mm, 4inch, 80mm, 85mm, 87mm 90mm and any custom size. Comes in all colors and with your company logo.

(>>Crimping tools available for all capseals shown below<<)

ammu white drum capseal

Plain White - Drum cap seal

70mm and 35mm (2 inch and 3/4 inch)

Ammu Red Yellow Steel Cap Seal

Yellow - Red Drum cap seal

70mm and 35mm

Plastic cap with aluminum ring

Plastic capseal with Aluminum Ring

Aluminum Drum Cap Seal

2" and 3/4" Aluminium drum capseal

ammu 7 inch cap seal

4 inch metal capseal

ammu 87mm capseal

85 and 87mm metal capseal

ammu 76mm steel capseal

76mm, 78mm and 80mm steel capseal

Sample sealing demonstration

Sample of our tamper proof sealing.

70mm (2") cap seal sealed using our

drum capseal crimping tool

Specifications of our Steel (metal) Cap Seals :

- Made from tinplate & tin-free steel of 0.3 mm thickness for optimum sealing result.

- Top surface is white, colored or with your company logo.

- Inner surface is lacquered to avoid corrosion.

- Inner edge has a vinyl gasket for better contact with the flange.

- Ears and scored lines ensure that the capseal has to be destroyed before removal.


-- PLASTIC CAP SEAL : Also, we can design and manufacture any plastic product as per customer requirement for any quantity.

mauser plastic cap seal

Mauser, Schutz & Kodama type capseal

ammu plastic capseal

45mm 76mm 80mm 85mm 90mm capseal

ammu plastic capseals

38mm, 3inch and 80mm plastic cap seal

ammu plastic cap seals

3inch and 3.5inch plastic cap-seal

Schutz ibc tote cap seal

2" plastic capseal for SCHÜTZ IBC Tote screw cap

Mauser Schutz plastic caps

75mm 76mm 77mm plastic cap-seal


These cap seals are sealed on round head flanges of the drums (barrels). They provide unmatched security, prevent adulteration and theft of your valuable drum content.


Metal Cap Seal for 210 litre / 55 gallon Drums :

-- 2" (50 mm) plug - capseal outer diameter 70 mm

-- 3/4" (19mm) plug - capseal outer diameter 35 mm


Custom Cap Seals :

-- Any other size as per your requirement.

-- Get the capseals with your company logo and name printed.


Also called : Barrel caps, barrel capseal, barrel seals, bung seal, drum caps, drum capseals, fuel drum seal, metal drum cap, steel drum caps, etc.